No matter how skilled or experienced any psychologist is, if you hire one to help you overcome a psychological issue you are having, they can only really be effective if you help them to help you. By that, we mean that unless you open up, and be completely honest with Psychologist Perth, the support and advice they give you, may not be 100% relevant.

This is akin to you going to see your own doctor with a sharp pain in your stomach but telling that you are merely experiencing some indigestion. Doctors are not mind readers, and although they help to fix one’s mind, nor are psychologists, so in both cases you must be truthful in order to receive the best possible advice, and the most appropriate treatment.

Now, it is understandable that some people will be reticent to open up a psychologist, given that they may only have just hired them. Speaking to what is effectively a stranger, especially about matters which are extremely personal, such as our emotions and feelings, does not come naturally to every one of us.

So, to help anyone who reads this to be more open and honest with their psychologist or any other health professional for that matter, here are some simple guidelines to make it easier for you.

Do Not be Too Hard On Yourself

What we mean here is do not beat yourself up simply because you feel embarrassed to reveal your innermost thoughts. For a start, your psychologist will understand that opening up is not easy for most people. so remember they are on your side, nor will they be making any judgements about you, other than clinical ones with a view to helping you.

Create a List Of What You Want To talk About

Instead of trying to think of what to say or discuss from memory, instead, write a list of those points you want to discuss with your psychologist. This is also an extremely effective way of being able to describe your feelings and emotions more accurately, as you can refer to those notes during the consultation.

You might want to take this a stage further and create a journal which you update before and after each session, giving you a means of tracking and measuring your progress, or referring back to something you discussed previously.

Tell Your Psychologist If You Are Struggling to Open Up

Remember that at all times your psychologist is there to help you, and that includes what happens during your consultations with them. If you are struggling to express your feelings, or feel you just cannot open up to them, let them know. They are trained in the art of asking questions, and they may also have other techniques that do not necessarily require you to verbally explain all.

Challenge And Reward Yourself

A great way to help yourself to be open and honest with your psychologist is to challenge yourself and even turn it into a game where you give yourself a point for every open and honest answer you give.

You can do this on a sliding scale where if you answer questions that you found especially difficult, you score more. Whichever way you do this, always reward yourself and also do not be afraid to share these successes with those close to you.