Master Yoda (our little green friend from Star Wars) said something to Luke Skywalker in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Episode V

He said: “try not, do or do not”. Luke was ‘trying’ to lift his aircraft using his Jedi powers, and he failed.

If you are an NLP Practitioner, you know about the power of words.

The words ‘try’ and ‘do’ have a neurological effect on the brain and to some micro-muscles in our body that impact your performance when you do anything.

But There’s More to It Spiritually

When I “try” to make a mental action or verbal action or physical action, the mind doesn’t believe (or have confidence) that what I am about to do is going to work.

When I “do” and make the mental action or verbal action or physical action, the mind isn’t concerned about belief but rather concentrates on what I am about to do in the present moment.

No belief makes you a skeptic. Skeptical about:

Your method (or the mechanics of it)
The ones who gave this method
When you have skepticism, your mind can’t concentrate.

When you can’t concentrate, you can’t focus.

When you can’t focus, then you’re out of balance.

When you’re out of balance, then you can’t stand on your own two feet.

When you can’t stand on your own two feet then you fall.

The power of words is just one domain to enter into your heart and soul. The essential core of your being is to get rid of skepticism and gain concentration.

Rather than say to yourself that “I can do it”, or “I will do my best”, try to get rid of skepticism and gain the full concentration of your mind at the moment. And then you can do your best at your best performance without even trying.

Skepticism is your foe, drive away from it.

Concentration is your friend, stick with it.

How? By meditation. Close your eyes right now, and stay with the moment by observing your breath for 5 minutes. Then continue to surf with the power of concentration.

‘Try’ or ‘do’ doesn’t matter now when you have the power of concentration.

Close your eyes and do it now 🙂

Editor’s Note: I’ve cleaned up some of Paiboon’s text and added a clip of the famous Yoda scene to help refresh your memory 🙂