Purchasing a home of your own can be an exciting time, but before you call in the furniture removalist like Brilliance Removalists Brisbane you need to make sure that it doesn’t turn into a nightmare simply by not carrying out the necessary research to ensure all is in order. The seller is not going to tell you if there is structural damage, termite damage or if they know that a big factory is going to be built on that vacant space that looks so green and lovely right now. It is up to you to find out such things.

In addition, it is easy to fall in love with the look of the place, or something else about it to the extent that you don’t really see its faults. The paint may be peeling inside due to hidden water damage, but you didn’t notice it because you were excited about those gorgeous timber floors.

It is a good idea to make out a list of what you need to inspect when you go to look at any home. Then tick off each item as you decide it comes up to the standard you expect for the price. Here are some of the things that need to be put under your eagle eye.

  • Peeling paint inside or out.
  • Rust in the guttering, downpipes and plumbing
  • Leaking taps and cistern – flush it and see.
  • Cracks in the ceilings or walls – look behind any furniture
  • Doors and windows that don’t shut properly
  • Lights and power points that don’t work. The latter may have dark marks on the faceplates.
  • Check for traffic noise and if the bedrooms are too close to the road.
  • Look at the boundary fence. Is it in good repair? Find out about easements if you think of adding a room or deck.
  • Walk around the home checking for soggy patches in the lawn that can mean broken water pipes.
  • Look in the ceiling cavity or get someone else to, to check for damage, old wiring, termites or lack of insulation.
  • Look under the house if it is on piers and see the state of the floor and whether those piers are sturdy, or if they wobble. Putting in new piers can be expensive.
  • Is the house in a flood prone area? Check for a water line on the outside walls, or find out at the council if the river rises to that extent.
  • If there are homes above yours on a slope, is rainwater going to gush down through your property from them? Does the slope lead straight to your front door or garage door? Have drains been put in place to take the storm water away?

You also need to make sure amenities such as shopping, medicals and schools are close by for convenience.