When was the last time you decide that you have to change something about or around you? How did you decide to change?

There were something that you decided at a certain point that you want to do more of, to have less of, to move away from, to go towards to…you decided that you deserve more, you are going to stay away from…you are sick of it, you are tired, fed up, irritated, frustrated, peeved, and what else not!?

You feel it deep in your bones, the voices are calling out to you and the lights seem brighter at the other end. Your whole being is telling you that you have to shape up or ship out!

You keep your chin straight and eyes shining with pride that YES!! You have decided that you are going to be a new creature; you are leaving the old shell behind. Oh wow!! You are so ready to make the Quantum Leap. It’s like you are a water-dweller deciding that you can breathe on land and take the resource available on the bank. Hey! A significant moment in Evolution!!

The edge of a panic called Fear starts to gnaw at the edge of your consciousness. It starts at the pit of your stomach and starts grinding towards your chest. You call upon Murphy’s Law: Everything that can; will go wrong! Hey! Should you stick your head out so far? Maybe the luscious leaves doesn’t really taste that good after all (even if you know that the arching branches over the pond with loads of them occasionally taste really good). The pond is getting really overcrowded.

The plants on the bank beckon.

You jostle amongst the common pond-dweller and scream: you gotta be made for greater destiny!! Darn!! The watchamacallits are at it again, scooping everything up young shoots, roots and all, don’t they know they have to leave the roots so that you’ll have new weed for the next season?

The plants on the bank beckon once more.

You deserve more! You can do more! You don’t have to take all that shit (yeah that one floating by) You breathe the dry air breaking surface of the water, better that than risk getting shit inside your mouth, right? It’s not what you are used to: your lung burns. May take some getting used to. Lung is still burning but you are alive and your other senses start tingling. Things look different, smell different, though the air is more bearable.

You can’t decide if the whoozy dizziness is the result of breathing in a new way, seeing in a different light or just plain hunger.

A new food source beckons.
Darn and double darn! YOU WON’T WANNA STRETCH THAT FAR!! You pop your head back in and gulped a mouthful of the murky liquid. Such a familiar stink to it. And “what’s that taste in the mouth?” and begin to wonder where that piece of shit float to.

You declare to Destiny:

“This is MY Comfort Zone, darn if I wanna move out of it when I found a new food source and frankly, I’ll sooner leave evolution stuff to others and I’ll hang around others who are full of shit!!”


1) I have often wondered how people refuse to move out their “Comfort Zone” when they are uncomfortable in them.
2) People always hide behind the lame “I can’t change” when it is really “I won’t change”!
3) Stretch, because people can be more.
4) Yes, I actually used this little piece as a provocative intervention during one of my coaching sessions. As you may have observed, I left most of the expletives out