10 Tips To Help Those Living Under The Same Roof As A Drug Addict Persevere

Whilst there are many drug rehab programs where the addicted person will move out of their home and spend time in a residential facility, there are others that mean they stay at home. There is no right and wrong here, just each individual being placed on the drug rehab program that their drug rehab specialist believes is the most appropriate for them.

In the scenario where a drug addict remains at home, it can place further pressure on their family who, whilst happy that their loved one has gone onto a drug rehabilitation program, have the added responsibility of helping them through that program.

A worse situation is having someone with a drug addiction living under the same roof as you. It has as yet not been persuaded to enter drug rehabilitation to help them escape their addiction. Unless you have lived in such circumstances, you may not as yet appreciate that drug addiction affects not only those taking the drugs but also those who live with them,

Thankfully, there is lots of support for families of those addicted to drugs. That support is increasing and improving to the extent that many drug rehab programs include resources, advice, and sessions for loved ones as well as the person trying to break their drug addiction. Below are ten valuable tips from such programs for those living with a drug addict to help them through it all.


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Changes Proposed For 2021 To The Partner Visa

If you have applied for or are considering applying for a partner visa then it is important that you know there are changes due to be introduced in 2021. These have been in the pipeline for some time, but it is only recently that specific details about the changes and when they are going to be implemented have been published by the federal government.

Given that the regulations and legislation surrounding visas is so complex it has taken some time for many of the specifics to become known. Even now, at the time of writing, the changes have not reached the point at which they can be fully implemented. The current timeframe is for them to go live in November 2021, but that could still change. As for the main changes, these are outlined below.

Partner Visa Numbers To Be Increased

It is often the assumption that when a government announces changes to any policies relating to immigration that they are going to be bad news for those wishing to obtain visas to live there. However, we are actually going to start with some good news, and that is the fact that the government has announced an increase in the allocation of partner visas.

In truth, it may not necessarily mean any more people being granted visas overall, as the increase has come about as a result of two other issues that exist. One reason is that there will be fewer skilled visas being granted, and the fact that there is a massive backlog of partner visas in the processing system is another.


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Tips to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

While planning the wedding and reception often take a lot of discussion and time, often it does not result in a reception that is really memorable. It is easy to get bogged down in the details and just go with what the venue offers for every other wedding they host, so your reception is done in the same old way as every other reception held there. Hiring the right wedding DJ can make a big difference, especially when you have some good ideas that you will need his help in implementing.

Here are some tips on how to make your wedding more memorable.

  • Make a special entrance to the reception. Rather than just having the bride and groom introduced along with their wedding party, the DJ can tell a brief story of how you both met, while the two of you act it out in mime. This doesn’t have to be too complicated. A few different poses may be all you need. You can even have a screen and lighting in position so that guests see your shadows miming. Then at the end of the story you can make your grand entrance.
  • Get personalised pajamas for your bridal party to remember the big day.
  • End on a high note. Many traditional receptions have the guests form a circle so the bridal couple can go around and thank them all. This takes up a lot of time with all but two of the  guests left with nothing to do but look on. Other options include guests all forming a farewell arch with everyone having streamers, balloons or sparklers to send the happy couple on their way in their wedding car.  However, this has to be executed well to be effective and safe, so your DJ will need to explain what is going to happen.


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Proof That Happy People Are Good For You!

Kathy Sierra has posted scientific evidence of why building secret rapport with great feelings work!

In that post, I detailed a 9 step process to build rapport secretly by making yourself feel wonderful and then extending that feeling to others.

In Kathy’s fabulous post; Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain, she talks about scientific research that I had no idea about, including mirror neurons. Get this:


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Build Secret Rapport with Great Feelings

How would you like to be more attractive, and develop strong rapport with that special someone and feel fantastic at the same time?

Reading my friend Kloudiia’s post on her Dating Affairs blog about the 5th secret to your Attractive Quotient made me remember this little visualization that helps you increase good feelings and rapport.

Ever been with someone who’s had such good energy that you feel energized yourself just by being with this person? Doesn’t having this effect on you make you want to hang around this person more? Want to be a people magnet yourself?

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Guide to Flirting

The Social Issues Research Centre has put together a 26 page Guide to Flirting! Talk about upping your Attraction Quotient!

26 pages is a lot, but if you want the highlights, check out Arieanna’s summary on She Knows Best (one of my favorite websites for clueless guys like me). She’s even offered to answer questions from a female perspective…guys, this is your chance!

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Upping Your Attraction Quotient

For anyone who needs help with attracting the opposite sex (that’s everyone I think, unless you swing the other way, then it’s about attracting the same sex), my dating expert friend Kloudiia has interesting articles on upping your Attraction Quotient (AQ).

Hence, the question here is, how to make yourself attractive? Not all of us, in fact, most of us are not blessed with killer features and a devilish figure. Natural result – a less than 10 score in the looks department.

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How to Give Your Special Someone a Magical Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Now, if I had a special someone to celebrate it with (I don’t…volunteers anyone?), I’d know what I want to do for her on Valentine’s. I’ve always believed that the greatest gift you can give someone isn’t something from a paper bag, it’s something from the heart. Something that really touches someone at the core of who they are, not just on a material level (which is nice too…expensive gifts for me, anyone?).

So, how would I do that?

At the risk of repeating myself from the Give Someone a Magical Christmas post, I would write down and complete this sentence, on a nice card or piece of paper:

Who you are makes a difference to me because

and list out all the many ways this special person makes a difference in my life.

How does your special someone make a difference in your life? You letting them know exactly just how special they are to the special person in their life (ie YOU) will touch them in ways they’ll never expect (and maybe lead to you being touched in ways you never expect ;D ).

Failing that, this place has some great Valentines Day gift ideas for adults – it’s suitably risque, but lots of fun!

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Give Someone a Magical Christmas

Season’s Greetings! It’s the festive time of year again for (more) good will and good cheer.

I’ve always felt more reflective near the end of the year, it seems a time for me to reflect and review on the year before and plan ahead for the year to come.

And when it comes to buying gifts for friends and family, I prefer to eschew buying widgets. I like to take advantage of the season to give something a little more personal to the people dear to me.


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