For anyone who needs help with attracting the opposite sex (that’s everyone I think, unless you swing the other way, then it’s about attracting the same sex), my dating expert friend Kloudiia has interesting articles on upping your Attraction Quotient (AQ).

Hence, the question here is, how to make yourself attractive? Not all of us, in fact, most of us are not blessed with killer features and a devilish figure. Natural result – a less than 10 score in the looks department.

However, good news is, there are ways to make yourself appear more attractive, because attractiveness is something that is perceived, rather than, actual. And we all know that perceptions can be changed, don’t we?

So far she’s revealed delicious tippings on upping your looks, image, and the art of conversation.

I hope there’re more goodies to come! Now, from a not so dating expert (me!), my thoughts are; how about manifesting a sparkling attitude? You know the aura of charisma that flows from positive energy? Sometimes all it takes to glow from within is starting from a good state.

Before you go on that all important date, make yourself feel absolutely on top of the world! Play a song you love to groove to that gets your energy way up, or re-run some great memories in your head, revisit and redouble the good feelings they give you, or just imagine how perfect the date ahead is going to be; how the 2 of you are going to have a fantastic time, lots of laughter and smiles, building an intense connection that just keeps going on and on, enjoying the time and space that belongs to the 2 of you.