Everything You Need To Know About Ubud Monkey Forest

No matter the holiday location, there will always be one or two ‘must see’ attractions, some of which are natural, and some are man-made. Examples include Niagara Falls in Canada, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Ayres Rock in Australia’s Northern Territory, and for Bali news, we are certain that the Monkey Forest in Ubud should take its rightful place as a location every tourist should visit when on holiday there.

Now we accept that this is not the only location in the world where you see monkeys as no doubt every zoo, and possibly The Rock of Gibraltar will attest to, but it is certainly one where monkeys can be seen thriving in their natural habitat. That habitat is specifically the Ubud Forest which covers an area of just under 31 acres. To give you a comparison, that is the equivalent of around 18 soccer fields.

At that size, it is large enough to accommodate the monkeys, and give tourists the opportunity to walk around the forest with it not becoming too excessive a distance. In fact, even at a slow walking pace, you should be able to complete the entire walk around in about 2 hours.

One other advantage for the tourists of the forest, is that the large amount of foliage overhead which consists of the leaves of the trees, provides a natural canopy that keeps most of the forest in the shade. This also keeps it cool and protects everyone from the dangers that long periods of exposure to sunlight can create.


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Changes Proposed For 2021 To The Partner Visa

If you have applied for or are considering applying for a partner visa then it is important that you know there are changes due to be introduced in 2021. These have been in the pipeline for some time, but it is only recently that specific details about the changes and when they are going to be implemented have been published by the federal government.

Given that the regulations and legislation surrounding visas is so complex it has taken some time for many of the specifics to become known. Even now, at the time of writing, the changes have not reached the point at which they can be fully implemented. The current timeframe is for them to go live in November 2021, but that could still change. As for the main changes, these are outlined below.

Partner Visa Numbers To Be Increased

It is often the assumption that when a government announces changes to any policies relating to immigration that they are going to be bad news for those wishing to obtain visas to live there. However, we are actually going to start with some good news, and that is the fact that the government has announced an increase in the allocation of partner visas.

In truth, it may not necessarily mean any more people being granted visas overall, as the increase has come about as a result of two other issues that exist. One reason is that there will be fewer skilled visas being granted, and the fact that there is a massive backlog of partner visas in the processing system is another.


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What Not to Pack for Your Overseas Holidays

When you plan an overseas holiday to places like Bali and other popular tourist destinations, unless you plan on a cruise, you’ll be flying. This means if you want to get to your destination and be able to enjoy your Slinky Villa, there are certain things you will not be allowed to take, because they are classed as dangerous in the environment of the airplane. You may tend to think you can’t take things that are sharp like nail scissors or knitting needles and this is correct, but there are other things you may not have thought about that are banned from planes in order to make sure everything is safe.

Different services may have different requirements so it is important to get the information directly from the service you’ll be using. You may not think that toiletries could possibly be on the banned substances list, but some are. Here are a few of the main things you should not pack for your flight.


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