When you plan an overseas holiday to places like Bali and other popular tourist destinations, unless you plan on a cruise, you’ll be flying. This means if you want to get to your destination and be able to enjoy your Slinky Villa, there are certain things you will not be allowed to take, because they are classed as dangerous in the environment of the airplane. You may tend to think you can’t take things that are sharp like nail scissors or knitting needles and this is correct, but there are other things you may not have thought about that are banned from planes in order to make sure everything is safe.

Different services may have different requirements so it is important to get the information directly from the service you’ll be using. You may not think that toiletries could possibly be on the banned substances list, but some are. Here are a few of the main things you should not pack for your flight.

  • Aerosols – this includes insect repellent, deodorant and hair spray.
  • Lithium batteries
  • Some toiletries
  • Tools such as can be found in a manicure set
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Cigarette lighters – these can self ignite in luggage and cause a fire
  • Books of matches
  • Flares or fireworks
  • Wet cell batteries
  • Flammable liquid
  • Perfume

In many cases such things are safe at home on the shelf, but when packed in luggage they can spill or ignite from the vibrations of the flight. If they are in the hold of the airplane, no one is going to know about a fire or be able to put it out until it is too late.  Even in the passenger section it is dangerous to store those items.

In some cases, people with carry-on luggage have found smoke issuing from their bags as they alighted. They are the lucky ones; had they still been on board the whole aircraft could have caught on fire and been lost, along with all the passengers and crew.

The punishment for anyone found carrying a dangerous substance on a plane is severe, with heavy fines and even goal terms being meted out to offenders. This is why you need to check with your airline before packing you luggage. It is not only a matter of avoiding punishment, but of your own safety.

It is not only packing to go that needs care, but packing to come back home, because you may have inadvertently purchased goods that you are not allowed to take on a plane

We often hear of airplanes crashing into the ocean for some unknown reason. It is very likely to be caused by someone having packed goods that are on the banned list. Goods that placed their own and everyone else’s lives in danger.