Finding the perfect gift for your bridesmaids can be hard work. You want to give them something beautiful, but you also want it to be cost-effective, practical, and personal. While challenging, it’s not impossible because bridal robes certainly tick all those boxes and more.

If you’re having a hard time picking the perfect gift, here are just a few of the many reasons why robes may be worth your consideration.

You Can Customise Them

Even though you don’t have to personalise the robes you buy for your bridal party, it’s nice to know that the option is there if you decide to. You can have your bridesmaids’ names written on the robes’ backs or even have the words ‘bridesmaid’ or ‘maid of honour’. Whatever is the most fitting for your situation can be what you decide to go ahead with.

When you’re customising bridesmaid robes, you also get to choose from a variety of colours and fonts. As a result, you can make sure that the robe ties in with the theme of your wedding beautifully.

They Are Personal

As you can customise robes, they are a personal gift that no one else has. Someone else might own such a robe, but maybe not one with a name and title on it that can remind them of that special day.

Chocolate and wine are many people’s go-to items as gifts. While there is nothing wrong with these items, they can be impersonal when you’ve enlisted your closest friends and family to help plan your wedding day. A bridesmaid robe, potentially paired with wine and chocolate, is bound to be a winner.

They Are Affordable

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding and honeymoon, affordable bridesmaid gifts are definitely preferred. While you may know they are worth so much more than the gift you’re buying them, there’s often very little room left in the budget for extras.

Fortunately, as beautiful as many bridal robes are, they also don’t cost the earth. You can purchase a wide range of options in stunning materials and have them shipped to your door for less than what your favourite wine probably costs.

Plenty of Options to Choose From

You might not think that you’ll be able to find a bridesmaid robe that you like the look of. After all, a trip to your local clothing store only ever reveals a few different bathrobe options whenever you’re shopping for yourself.

However, you may be surprised at just how many stunning robes there are. From gorgeous satin blends to cotton lace, plain cotton, and patterned designs, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. If you’re planning on having your bridesmaids wear them on your wedding day, you can even make sure the colours match your wedding theme.


Chocolate and wine don’t last forever, no matter how long you try and savour them. However, bridesmaids robes can. At least, they last a lot longer than perishable goods. After your wedding day is over, your bridesmaids can keep the robes and use them around the home for many years to come.

As challenging as it can be to find a gift that shows just how appreciative you are of your bridal party’s support, bridesmaid robes can certainly be as close to perfect as possible. Fortunately, they are fast and easy to order online for quick delivery to your door.